Starting Anew in 2018

Here we are in the month of February and I’m just now beginning my blog posts for 2018.  I’ve decided that this year will include some new creative efforts and will also focus more on my photographic skills.  

I have a newly acquired Fujifilm X100F which has given me greater opportunity to focus on street photography and a simpler way of embracing creativity.  It’s a joy to use and offers so many features at your fingertips.  I particularly enjoy the film simulations that Fujifilm X cameras offer thus adding to the creativity element.  Within this post, you’ll see my many efforts at adjusting the film simulations to create a different photographic perspective.



Let’s start with my recent trip on LA’s Metro Gold and Red Lines in an effort to capture some of the artwork within certain stations.  If you haven’t seen some of the station artwork, it’s really worth a day on Metro.  Here are a few samples:




One of the most attractive stations is at Highland and Hollywood.  The patterns and forms are stunning.






And then there are the people watching aspects of Metro – always an interesting way to spend the day…



All of these photos were taken with the X100F. It’s a great camera to capture people in a very discreet way without alarming them with a large DSLR.


Some final photos of a close up of camellias in my yard, a shot of Pasadena City Hall, and a day with Rembrandt at the Norton Simon Museum.



I’ll keep posting on my blog and hope to share some more creative work this year. Meanwhile, please follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

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