Food in London

The food has been extraordinary here in London.  It’s interesting to comment that many of the servers, bartenders, and host (hostesses) we’ve encountered have not been native Londeners.  We’ve encountered Greeks, Romanians, Poles, and Brazilians – it’s an amazing melting pot.  Our first night was at Il Baretto, a very stylish Italian restaurant recommended by our concierge.  

Eggplant parmesan appetizer – delicious.

Pappardelle with duck ragu

Dover sole – always our favorite

Tiramisu – one of the best we’ve had.


Our dinner tonight was at Hakkasan at Hanway Place.  We’ve eaten there now 3 times and have loved each occasion.  It’s a very stylish, sexy high end Chinese restaurant with an incredible bar.  Tonight we had the following dishes which were all delicious.

The bar – a very happening place.

Dim sum

Beef with a merlot sauce

Satay chicken

Halibut with chilis


Do you think we had enough?  Of course we didn’t finish everything but it was all delicious.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


Good night from London.

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  1. Karen June 2, 2017 at 3:17 pm #

    Hi from Pasadena,

    You guys always find the greatest bars and restaurants, the food looked wonderful. I know tomorrow you board your ship, would love to see some photos of you and the ship. Tomorrow I am going to the wedding of my Gene Martin Salon hair dresser, should be quite the event, Linda and I are looking forward to going. Thank you for the blog, best part of my day.


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